Property Management Services


Ever wonder how the snowbirds take care of their Florida homes when they're away during the summer? They hire someone! 

Well, it is no longer just for the privileged few.


Call 305.519.5168 or E-mail , for more infomation on just how affordable it is to have someone inspect your property weekly. To make sure that a small problem doesn’t become a disaster while you’re away.

Condominium - $100.00 - $150 per month

Some condo complexes have maintenance persons that will check your home once a month, but most leave the responsibility of the empty apartment to the homeowner. Condo Care Miami takes away the worry of your vacant condo. We will visit your condo weekly making sure that your home is safe and worry free.

Single Family Homes - $250.00 - $300 per month

Your home requires special care while you are away. Unlike some condominiums, there is no one responsible for your residence other than you. There may be an association to care for the landscaping, and possibly pool, unless you have a private one, but no one cares for the most important part of your investment, the inside of your home! Condo Care Miami will manage your property while you are away. From the A/C to scheduling workers, we are there for you when you are not in residence. 

If a home is not looked after once a week and the air conditioner goes off, mold can grow very quickly! If a roof leaks, well let's just say you want to catch them early.

Below is the list of services we provide to our snowbird clients:
  1. Personally inspects your Property once a week, inside & out, personally checking windows and ceiling for possible leaks.
  2. Check all faucets and toilets for possible leaks
  3. Checks all areas such as closets, bathrooms, a/c closets for evidence of mildew.
  4. Change and/or clean A/C filters as required
  5. Will run all water fixtures to maintain and confirm that are all operating properly.
  6. Will check and maintain all lighting fixtures.
  7. Arranges maintenance checks by coordinating with your service providers for appointments.
  8. Secure your home with hurricane shutters
  9. Provides monthly reports on condition of property.
  10. Starts and runs Automobile, keeping battery and engine running smoothly.
  11. Arranges and coordinate housekeeping service if needed for post and pre occupancy.
  12. Oversees other contract services to see that work is being done satisfactorily i.e. lawn care, pool, & A/C service.
  13. Serves as the local emergency contact person for alarm system.
  14. Forwards any important mail and packages.
  15. Waters any indoor plants.



"We live in New Jersey and Shloime has done such an amazing job with taking care of our home in Aventura. Every year when we come down, we know that it will be clean and problem-free when we arrive. Thanks."

Eddie A.